for your packaging solutions

We guarantee our customers the highest quality and expertise. We provide ready-made packaging solutions starting with the choice of equipment, design development and ending with finished packaging.


Our business profile includes flexible packaging materials made of single-layer materials and twist films as well as complex multilayer laminates; we produce all kinds of ready-made pouches and labels, and heat-shrink film for Multipack packaging.

Our products are widely used for packaging food, beverages, cosmetics and hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, household and construction chemicals and other FMCG products.


IMMER Group is one of the world's largest producers of flexible packaging materials, films and labels. IMMER Group is an international group of companies, which includes IMMER Ukrplastic, IMMER Digital and IMMER Design Studio. IMMER Group provides a full cycle of production of flexible packaging materials and uses a wide range of technologies.

IMMER Ukrplastic was founded in 1927 and all the 90-year history of the company has been connected with the development of high technologies. The company has been providing a full production cycle of flexible packaging materials for more than 20 years.

IMMER Digital is a unique and innovative company in Northern Europe which specializes in the production of flexible packaging materials.

IMMER Design Studio specializes in developing designs for flexible packaging. 

We use the most advanced achievements of science and technology currently available. We aim to conduct mutually beneficial business with our suppliers and clients. We are always socially responsible, environmentally friendly and transparent.


We are focused on sustainability, resource-saving, protection against counterfeiting, personalization and smart-packaging.